We are now Horse & Cart

Hey there. Welcome to the Brendan & Brendan site. If you haven’t heard the news, we’re pleased to inform you that Brendan & Brendan has changed its company name to Horse & Cart.

Now, hold your horses! Horse & Cart is a continuation of the Brendan & Brendan company, meaning we still offer the same top quality marketing services, and then some. The switch is reflective of our growth and evolution, as we’ve expanded substantially since starting in 2012.

If you’re interested in contacting us or learning more about Horse & Cart, our services, portfolio, or story, we ask you to take a look at our new website. If you’d like more information on this exciting new chapter, feel free to browse our Q&A section underneath.

Thank you again for the continued support. We are still keeping marketing fun!

You have questions, we have answers.

Brendan & Brendan has officially changed its name to Horse & Cart. This is a bold decision that better reflects the direction of our company. Welcome to our next chapter.

So, why the change? Brendan & Brendan has grown a lot. Not just in the number of people but the very scope of our mission. Thinking back to the "making of" snapshot of the company, it just was two guys, passionate about producing top quality marketing, keeping it fun, and fixing the tired, broken patterns that have become, unfortunately the standard in the industry. Though these values haven't changed, the internal composition of the company definitely has. We are now a proud team of seven lucky full-time marketing creatives and a trusted consortium of part-time and freelance collaborators. Our brand new space accommodates this expansion and as our team grows, so do our capabilities.

After two formative years of successful projects and collaborations we've had a chance to showcase what is truly exceptional about our company. As we move to new offices, embark on new, much larger projects and expand the team we have reflected on what that represents for us. Partly it has been to focus more on the core of what we do, and through a process of discovery we fixed upon two simple terms to describe what we do - Strategy and Execution. Following precisely the kind of counsel we give our clients, we found these perfect pillars upon which to pivot our business. It's what we love, and what we've become known for. Horse & Cart encapsulates this precision and our belief in what effective, quality marketing is about. See full story on our blog


Is Brendan & Brendan really changing its name to Horse & Cart?

Would we horse around about something like that? Not one bit! Yes, indeed we are changing the company name to Horse & Cart.

Why are you changing the name?

Horse & Cart better reflects the direction and upward trajectory of the company. Brendan & Brendan has grown substantially since its conception. With a larger, diversified staff and precise mandate, Horse & Cart encapsulates the next chapter in our evolution as a company.

What does Horse & Cart mean?

The name Horse & Cart plays on the well-known critical adage “the cart pulling the horse” staking our strong belief in the primacy of marketing. Marketing is no longer an elective procedure for successful businesses. Strategic and well-executed marketing drives ideas to fruition and creates high demand for stagnant products and services. Horse & Cart is focused on strategy and execution.

Will there be changes to staff?

There will be no changes to staff, apart from new hires to meet the demands of our growing client roster. We currently sit at seven full-time employees and a number of part-time and freelance collaborators. A larger staff increases our capabilities and heightens the precision of our work.

Will there be changes for clients?

The company name change to Horse & Cart will have NO outstanding effect on current and past clients. We will continue executing top quality projects and look forward to working with future clients to create effective and compelling marketing.

What’s happening to Brendan & Brendan?

It’s a secret

The Horse & Cart Team

  • Brendan Sera-Shriar

  • Brendan Tully Walsh

  • Leila Nathaniel

  • Moniba Ali

  • Drew Everett

  • Alex Arsenault

  • Josh Camire